PlayJack Casino


A warm welcome awaits all valued players and enthusiasts of the casino experience at PlayJack Casino! Prepare yourself for an exhilarating realm where the thrill never ends. With an exceptional assortment of 175 captivating slot games. This destination truly is a paradise for those who revel in the excitement of spinning. Hold on tight though because theres so much more to discover! The esteemed welcome bonus ensures an electrifying start to your gambling extravaganza. Whether table games are your preference or you seek the heart pounding rush of a sportsbook rest assured we have every base covered. Furthermore, PlayJack takes great pride in providing daily login bonuses that will keep your gaming adventure sizzling with excitement. And if its social interactions you desire ther's a decent selection of over 50 exclusive social casino games is tailored just for you. Embark upon an engaging and enjoyable visit to the interactive casino lobby.

PlayJack's Website

PlayJack showcases an aesthetically pleasing online casino design that heavily focuses on slots. As you load the websites' home page. Your screen will be filled with icons highlighting their most popular slot titles. Offering a comprehensive glimpse of their offerings and immediate access to top online slots. The top menu has sports, poker, and table gamings options. When navigating through these pages you'll find similar displays as the home page clearly showcasing all available games that can be effortlessly clicked for more information. On the sports betting homepage. Featured markets for the day are displayed alongside links to other markets. With an action packed atmosphere created through a red and black color scheme and interactive images and text. Playjack online casino delivers an enjoyable experience tied together by a thoughtfully designed platform. Effortless navigation ensures seamless browsing while comprehensive information covers all aspects of this operator.

Social Gaming Platform

Right from the start it is clear that Playjack ratings in the US hold significant promise. For a firsthand understanding of how the site performs. One can engage in playing several Playjack social casino games. While having an aesthetically appealing site is important from an initial impression perspective, functionality and speed play equally crucial roles as well. Thankfully though for potential users of Playjacks platform these areas have been executed exceptionally well by the developers behind it all - impressively delivering near instant gratification experiences via unparalleled site execution speeds. Disappointingly. A Playjack app is currently not available. However. This does not mean users are completely limited in accessing the site on their mobiles.

PlayJack Games & Software

As an alternative option lies in utilizing the mobile optimized site or accessing Playjack through Facebook. Consequently this shortfall does not pose a significant let down for users. PlayJack has created an impressive gaming library. Boasting more than 400 titles with slots occupying much of their collection. To elaborate further on how Playjack works regarding online gaming options - once you set up a free account. You are immediately granted access to a myriad of games that can be enjoyed without any obligation to make real money deposits. As long as one possesses chips needed to participate in the games. Nothing stands in your way of experiencing numerous thrilling slot games on offer at Playjacks' platform. Popular titles such as Coins of Egypt, Divine Fortune, Fu Long and Gypsy Riches grace the extensive list available for selection. For ease in navigating through game choices at your disposal - various categories are provided including 'featured games'. 'high limits'. Or 'most lines'. But let it be known that Playjack dabbles not just in slots alone; additional table gaming experiences such as blackjack and roulette cater to those desiring further variety and excitement within their gameplay options.

Sportsbook BetPlay

While free sports betting is rare among social casinos PlayJack stands out by offering this feature through their BetPlay Sportsbook platform. Although it is not directly accessible on their site clicking the Sports button in the navigation menu will redirect you to BetJack - a sportsbook website operated by the same company owner. BetJack offers more than 15 sports events to bet on. Including both pre match and live betting options. The range of betting markets covered is diverse and includes domestic sports such as golf, hockey, baseball, and basketball as well as international competitions like the soccer Premier League and Australian Rules football.

PlayJack Casino Sign Up Bonus

When you sign up, you'll receive a whopping bonus of 5,000 chips. That allows you to try PlayJack Casino's games without risking your cash.

First Deposit Bonus

PlayJack's first deposit bonus is one of the best you will find anywhere. It compares favorably to most other casino bonuses. Your first purchase gifts you a 500% chip bonus.

Existing Bonus Offers

The bonuses at PlayJack Casino do not stop after your initial deposit. As the site offers a variety of bonuses for valued existing customers. These offers may change periodically but as of now they include the following rewards.

Daily Login Bonus

By logging in consecutively each day you will receive a number of casino chips. The amount of chips begins at 500 on day one and increases to 2,800 if you log in for 28 consecutive days.However if you happen to miss a day your progress will reset back to day one.

Leaderboard Challenge

PlayJack organizes hour long competitions on specific slot games known as the Leaderboard Challenge. To participate in these competitions and have a chance to win more chips. All you need to do is opt in and play the selected slot during the specified hour. At the end of each hour. Those players who have accumulated the most chips will be rewarded with additional chips as their prize.

ClubJack Comp Dollars

The loyalty scheme known as ClubJack Comp Dollars ensures that the loyal players are recognized for their frequent purchases by awarding them with points. For every online purchase made. Players earn points which can be redeemed for dining or retail vouchers once certain thresholds are reached. Furthermore additional free points can also be obtained through this scheme.

Social Media Bonus

PlayJack as a social casino places great importance on fostering engagement with its users on Facebook. Fortunately for you. All it takes to participate is liking the PlayJack Casino Facebook page. By doing so you can enter competitions for a chance to win chip prizes. These competitions typically require answering straightforward questions. Although occasionally they may be tied to specific slot games. Additionally. The PlayJack Facebook page allows you to share your own pictures and screenshots showcasing your notable wins. As well as browse through images of other victorious players.

Secure Payments Options

Playjack social casino has made it possible for players to securely purchase chips without having to make a deposit. This deliberate design choice ensures that the social aspect of their platform remains vibrant and active. From this perspective it should never feel mandatory or expected of you to add real money funds to your account. You're always free to choose what works best for you. If you prefer not spending any money but still want some extra chips. Playjack provides several ways in which you can claim them for free. However for those seeking convenience and additional chip options the ability to buy them outright is also available. There's no need to worry about security either. Simply utilize one of the secure payment methods approved by the casino: major credit cards such as Visa,Mastercard, Discover,and American Express, or as preferred.

Purchasing chips using PayPal linked specifically to an account in your own name is another option. Once funds have been successfully deposited your account will receive an immediate credit. Its' important to understand that while these purchased chips hold no actual value or can be converted into real money winnings - their primary purpose lies in enhancing your enjoyment of the latest slot games featured at Playjack online casino. The platform does not offer real money slot games. In addition to playing with chips Playjack has implemented a special point system known as Experience Points (XP).No matter the game you'll earn more XP points the longer you play. As these points accumulate so does your XP level - unlocking even greater amounts of free chips as rewards. You can purchase PlayJack Chips Bundles as follows.

  • 19,000 Chips and $1 Comp for $9.99
  • 40,000 Chips and $2 Comp for $19.99
  • 60,000 Chips and $3 Comp for $29.99
  • 125,000 Chips and $5 Comp for $49.99
  • 280,000 Chips and $10 Comp for $99.99
  • 900,000 Chips and $20 Comp for $199.99
  • 2,500,000 Chips and $50 Comp for $499.99
  • 7,000,000 Chips and $100 Comp for $999.99

Mobile PlayJack For iOS & Android

In today's digital age playing online casinos on mobile devices has gained equal popularity to traditional laptop based gambling. Acknowledging this evolving trend among players' preferences. PlayJack has proactively adapted by offering full mobile compatibility on its website along with providing an easily downloadable app through app stores. The PlayJack app ensures users a top notch gaming experience equivalent to what is offered on their website. Having a dedicated app has become an essential prerequisite for most players facilitating offline gaming accessibility regardless of their location. While Playjack has optimally tailored their site for mobile use.


Undoubtedly. Its most enticing feature is the extraordinary bonus offers it provides. For instance new players are given 5,000 chips without requiring any deposit - giving them both early winning opportunities and risk free chances to explore the site and discover their preferred online slots and games. Moreover their subsequent bonus offers are equally compelling.